This squat variation, puts a lot of emphasis on the quads, aids with flexibilty issues and lessens the likelihood of posterior pelvic tilt at the bottom of the range.

This could be perfomed with just the plate to start out and progressed by adding the resistance band

coaching points

1) Heels raised

2) Resistance band under balls of feet and over back of the neck/shoulders

3) Narrow foot positioning

4) Can be front loaded with a plate for more vertical back position

5) Controlled eccentric & concentric tempos

6) Work on you “mind muscle connection” focus on engaging your quad through the entire range. squeeze hard off the bottom and keep the tension throughout.

7) Dont lock out at the top of the rep

8) Use a light weight for high rep, controlled sets with the main focus being hard and constant quad contraction,
I start a session with 5x25reps